According to Congress, Pizza is a Vegetable

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In case you missed it, Congress considers pizza a vegetable in the school lunch program. The 2014 documentary Fed Up reveals the way the food industry manipulates children to increase their profits. In the United States, more than 9 million children and teens are overweight and kids watch an average of 4,000 food related ads a year.

Parents are responsible for navigating grocery store aisles packed with processed foods which are conveniently marketed toward children (think sugary cereal) and placed at eye level. Many parents are at the same time being cautious of artificial dyesfood allergies and illnesses that make grocery shopping, school activities, and birthday parties stressful.

Even if parents want their kids to be healthier, sometimes getting them to eat at all is half the battle (and what they ultimately decide to eat can be hilarious but cringeworthy). Parents struggle to keep treats special and to teach moderation when American culture associates sweets and sugar with celebration and happiness.

As more and more people blog and communicate online, parents can feel pressured to have the healthiest kids, especially when they’re reprimanded for something like packing oreos in a school lunch. Parents find themselves trying to balance nutrition while promoting self love and a positive image.

Some parents have been able to use the internet as a resource for others who want to make practical and healthy choices. Parents are documenting what their kid eats, which recipes they use to feed their kids, and how they manage to pull it all off.

A place to start:

  • If you’re looking to change your kid’s eating habits: It’s Not About The Broccoli prioritizes three ways to help your kid be healthier for life.
  • The Honest Life details Jessica Alba’s journey into motherhood which ultimately led to the creation of a company dedicated to offering safe products for families. Without emphasizing her celebrity status, Alba gives tips for goal setting that are applicable to anyone.


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