Don’t Assume I Know Everything, Though I Do

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My daughter, listen to what I am telling you for it will spare you much pain: As you go through life, in all of your days, with everyone you meet, do not make assumptions.

Do not make assumptions about your friends, about why they didn’t play with you or invite you to their party. This will only breed insecurity.

Do not make assumptions about your classmates, that they are smarter than you or not as smart. This will make you feel falsely inferior or superior.

Don’t make assumptions about the boy who lashes out and fights on the bus—maybe he just feels small and unnoticed.

Do not assume a kernel of truth in cruel words spoken behind another’s back, and know that your own words, likewise, can do great harm.

Never assume you are the only one who feels awkward and unsure.

Don’t assume that silence means you are not entitled to have a voice.

Don’t assume someone else will stick up for the kid being picked on.

Don’t assume everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.

If you want to make a difference, don’t assume you can’t because you are just one person. The world is compiled of single individuals—it’s the way we come.

Never assume your ideas aren’t brand new and wonderful. The future will be up to you, don’t assume someone else will take care of it.

Don’t assume I won’t be hurt when you say something you don’t mean; although I know your heart, I may not always know your head.

When you don’t get the answer you want, don’t assume you have been ignored.

Don’t assume anyone knows how you feel unless you speak up; no one can read minds.

Don’t assume that just because something appears in print or is on the internet, it is true. If you are unsure, ask.

If you are misjudged, don’t assume it was done with malice. Everyone lives a different day and makes assumptions to fill in the gaps of the unknown.

Resist the temptation to assume you know better and always be willing to give the world a clean slate.


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Michelle Riddell

Michelle Riddell lives with her husband, daughter, and poodles in rural mid-Michigan where traffic stops for turtles, tractors, and threshers. She is a free-lance writer and an editor at Mothers Always Write. She substitute teaches at the local elementary school and is continually surprised by how much she loves it.

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