Homeless—a Poem

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by Nikki Ramsey, age 11

Last year when I was in 6th grade, I had an assignment to write a poem to read for an open mic poetry reading. I wanted to write something meaningful. I see a lot of homeless people on the side of the road holding signs and it always makes me think of everything that I have. I wanted people to realize that a home and food shouldn't be taken for granted because there are so many people that go without even those simple things.

As I give my last coin

to the man on the street,

my very last thought is that this could be me.

The one with no food and

no house to call home,

there begging for money in a blizzard of snow.

In summertime I imagine it’s worse

with the hot, burning sun and

no pool with blue water for cool summer fun.

When the rains come

for cover, I’d run

from the rain, and wait for the sun.

The cycle seems endless and

so now I say,

Be careful now, young ones,

that’s not you someday.


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