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This playlist is dedicated to Kyra Williams. Kyra was killed in a car accident outside of Missoula recently. She was an entrepreneur, a hard worker, and a standout individual in our community. Kyra was gracious, going so far as to hand out Mamalode magazines in Missoula every Saturday at the Farmer’s market. She had a stand, called Mother’s Kitchen Garden. We feel honored to have had the pleasure to work with Kyra. Many will miss her, including all of us at Mamalode.

Her dear friend Maja put together a playlist in Kyra’s memory, and we asked her to write a little something about it:

The soundtrack that Maja has selected to celebrate the sedulous life of Kyra is well-balanced, yet surprisingly energetic, representing Kyra’s steadfast dedication to hard work and festivity.  Whether it was biking to a soccer game with her boom box strapped to her backpack, or settling into a hot cup of tea with the latest edition of the New Yorker, you could count on the perfect hand-selected tunes to be emanating around her (to the delight of her teammates and friends!). When she was at work processing and preserving fresh local food, her favorite Motown or R&B tunes would undoubtedly be setting the beat. One thing is certain—Kyra’s playlists will continue to ring from soccer fields to kitchens, gardens and farms for years to come. Here is a sample of some of her favorites.

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Sarah Millar is the managing editor at Mamalode. She has the pleasure of not only wrangling writers but also her two daughters and husband. When not moving words around on a page or curating the best of the information freeway, you'll find her delving into her love of teaching.

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