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Dick Clark rang in the first Rockin’ New Years eve in 1972, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to continue his tradition. We may not be in Times Square, but Team Mamalode’s bringing in the New Year with some serious style.

In general, we all get too caught up in looking to tomorrow; we’re all pretty guilty of forgetting to enjoy the now. Today is a particularly bad day for this.

And we get it: New Years Eve is all about celebrating the future. But we’re going to ask you to take a time-out from writing lists of all of things you’re definitely going to do in 2014 and remember all of the great things that happened in the past year. We’ve pulled together some of the biggest hits of 2013 to remind you that while yes, 2014 is sure to be awesome, 2013 was pretty rockin’ too.


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December 2014
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