10 Reasons to Marry a Nerd

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I firmly believe that everyone should marry a nerd. Here's why:

1. Nerds are Loyal. Nerds do not spend their free time reading Cosmo magazine and wondering if you are hot enough…you're hot enough.

2. Nerds are Genuine. Nerds live in the same world as us…but nerds don't live in the same world as us. You see, nerds don't give a flip about little things like social norms. If a nerd wants to play Harry Potter at the park with their kids…they will. If a nerd wants to go out to dinner and speak in a British accent all night to get ready for the Hobbit release…they will.

3. Nerds are Good Listeners. Nerds tend to listen with the intent to understand rather than the alternative…”Enough about me, what do you think about me?” Nerds tend to get fascinated with a person and really seem to care about them and want to know what makes them tick. If a nerd finds you interesting, consider that a genuine compliment.

4. Nerds are Successful. Nerds don't make stupid decisions. Nerds have a tendency to take the path less traveled and that leads to financial success. The most successful people in the world have all been nerds.

5. Nerds are Interesting. Nerds are typically hyper-intelligent which actually makes them fascinating conversationalists, you won't spend your days talking about Justin Bieber's latest up-do or who The Bachelor is going to give a rose to. Rather you will find yourself discussing topics that are actually interesting. If you marry a nerd you will always be laughing, either at the nerd itself or with the nerd itself.

6. Nerds give perfect gifts. Nerds will calculate your personality, interests, and research extensively to give you the perfect unique gift every time. Your birthday will be your new favorite holiday.

7. Nerds need you. It's not easy being a nerd all the time, nerds are incredibly grateful for people who pull them out of their shell and make them do enjoyable things that regular humans do i.e. have children, watch the Bachelor, shower.

8. Nerds rock at trivia. With a nerd as a spouse you will never lose at Trivia Crack again…unless of course you are playing against your nerdy spouse.

9. Nerds are Hot. You might remember from every movie of all time, that hiding beneath those nerdy glasses is the handsomest/prettiest kid in school. Sometimes all you need to do to your nerd is cut their ponytail, shave their scraggly beard, and replace their thrift store cardigan with Eddie Bauer clothes and viola! Johnny Depp. It is also important to note that nerds only get more attractive as they get older.

10. Nerds make you Nerdy. I can't think of a higher compliment than being called a nerd. Being a nerd means that you are passionate about something. It means that you don't give a flip about social norms and are living your life to the fullest. Marrying a nerd is the best choice I have ever made. Not only do I get to enjoy my nerd but the more time I spend with my nerd the nerdier (i.e. More genuine, more passionate, more intelligent) I become.


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Kristin Anderson

Kristin is a 6 foot 3 mother of two, wife of one. Kristin is mostly known for her straight to the point-edness. She has never been called classy... but she does call people darling. Read more from her and her 6 foot 8 husband at .

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