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Lately I’ve had this uncanny feeling that something is sneaking up on me. It happens very quickly and always takes me by surprise. Like the way the prey of a lion must feel as it’s being pounced.

Today I was working in the kitchen when I was attacked by Obi Wan Kenobe dressed in a Spiderman mask and carrying a light saber. These days my 6-year-old lives in a universe that’s half reality and half Star Wars. Every thought, conversation, and action stems from a galaxy far, far away. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are regular guests in my home.

So while under attack I grabbed the video camera to film my toothless tow-headed Jedi Knight juggle his weapon when it happened. The pouncing.

One minute I’m standing in my kitchen laughing and filming my son, and then I stop and look around. Somehow I’m 32. I’m married. I own a home that I’m responsible for. I have bills. I gave birth to 3 kids. I bought a minivan yesterday. In fact, the first thing I did this morning before I even made the coffee was peek out the window to see if it was still there. Yep. A minivan in my driveway. This confirms my point. I’ve been pounced.

Suddenly I’m living my Mother’s life, but I’m on the other side. I’m Mother. The children looking back at me are MINE. They came from my body. They look to me for food, help with homework, answers on life and Star Wars, and entrust me with their little hearts each day.

The pouncing always knocks the breath out of me. But then the moment passes. The great lion of Time lifts its heavy paws from my chest so I can breathe again. I move back into the ebb and flow of the life unfolding before me.

I am a grownup now.

And I absolutely love it.

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