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Author, TV personality, and home decorating icon Debbie Travis’s book “Not Guilty: My Guide to Working Hard, Raising Kids, and Laughing Through the Chaos” is filled with clever anecdotes about her experience with parenting that will remind you that you are not the only one who has considered leaving their children at the mall.

Described as “the antidote to maternal guilt”, Travis’s book is filled with dry humor, witty observations, and lots of painting. Raising two boys under the age of two while also starting a TV production company with her husband and her struggle to balance career and family is not a new story, but a relatable one that will have you nodding in agreement.

Travis reminds us that it is okay to cycle between loving mother and shrieking shrew in the space of five minutes, and writes about everything from terrifying visits to the hospital to being asked to go on The Oprah Show. Travis’s witty British humor will leave you feeling much more confident about your parenting skills. Even though you may have embarrassing moments or total screw-ups, Travis reminds us that everything turns out okay-kids and parents both.


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