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An Unexpected Path: White Wedding

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I attended a wonderful wedding this summer. It was spontaneous, informal, beautifully simple and short. The bride had been married once before but still wore white and looked as lovely and radiant as she did on her first wedding day. The groom was soft-spoken and very handsome. This couple was absolutely adorable together.

It took place in my house. Right in front of the old, ugly, dog-scratched, leather, maroon couch, next to the mound of toys and half-folded laundry that I quickly shoved to the side to make more room for the guests. She was five, he was two.

A year prior, my daughter Anna said her first vows to long-time friend, Sam. Very hairy, with rockin’ stinky-breath, he was nearly 10 human years older than Anna. I’ll have to admit that I didn’t see this union lasting long. Even though he enjoyed being brushed and fed by Anna, Sam was uncommitted from day one. He was too self-oriented and only cared about walks, treats, and peeing wherever he wanted. Plus every time he bathed he left a huge amount of hair in the tub.

Then, nine months later, she married Heath. He was also quiet and weighed about the same as Sam, however, the age difference wasn’t as dramatic. Plus he was human, and that’s always a good basis to any relationship. They met through Anna’s sister Gia and I had originally envisioned Heath and Gia as a couple (especially after they shared their first kiss). But, sometimes the unexpected happens and as Heath and Anna laughed, played, practiced yoga, ate, and cooked together many times their friendship grew stronger. Their wedding may have been spontaneous and their rings may have been plastic, but the bride put together a beautiful, romantic speech and wonderful vows were exchanged. Love was in the air that afternoon. I am thrilled and excited to welcome Heath and his parents to our family.

While I am enjoying my new role as a mother-in-law, I can’t help but reflect on my daughter and her choice to be married so early. I am constantly amazed by Anna’s active and creative imagination.

I was not this way, or at least I don’t remember being this imaginative. My childhood involved far more ‘science projects’ and insect collecting. Anna’s childhood is clearly not the same as mine, but I wouldn’t expect it to be.

And that is one reason I find it so beautiful. Her approach to life, so imaginative and playful, is still filled with a child’s innocence and exuberance- a gift she shares with me daily. She may have a lot to learn in the ways of love and marriage but she makes me question why my own life has become so seemingly complicated. I’ve already had my ‘fairy tale’ wedding, but maybe Anna can still teach me a thing or two about life.

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