He Doesn’t Have A Choice

Maggie Jones Special Needs 0 Comments

You see, a 4 year old doesn’t understand that without insulin, you die. A 4 year old doesn’t understand words like “incurable” or “chronic”—but they do understand that needles hurt and finger pokes sting.

We’ll Keep Dancing

Erin Duffy Special Needs 0 Comments

In doing our laundry and cooking our meals and taking care of our children, they were putting themselves on the road with us. We didn’t have to face the task of getting our family through this crisis alone.

An Unexpected Path: Hears to Ears

Daria Mochan Special Needs 0 Comments

First of all I just want to say that I am very thankful for ears.  And, I suppose just like other important body parts, I had just taken normal hearing and ear structure for granted.
When Gia was born, her left ear was deformed.  I figured that if it looked malformed on the outside, that something might be wrong on the inside.  I pestered the NICU staff about when the hearing screening would take place and I was not surprised when she failed.   They told me that it was not uncommon to fail the screening because it was a generalized test and the NICU was a noisy place.  But when she had her first sedated hearing test with the audiologist, her hearing impairment was confirmed.  Since then she’s had several more sedated hearing tests, wears bilateral hearing aids and we see the audiologists monthly.

Holding On

Lisa Wilson Special Needs 0 Comments

In the early days of August, at the end of my fifth month of pregnancy, my baby was brought into this world weighing just over a pound.