An Unexpected Path: Labels are for Cans

Daria Mochan Special Needs

Before kids, I spent much of my life labeling things.  As a biologist I was trained in the science of naming (taxonomy) and spent countless hours looking through a microscope at all kinds of invertebrates.  Each animal was labeled with a name and classified into groups.  When something is labeled, we know how it relates to the rest of the world, we know how it will behave, we know what to expect.  At least we think we do.

Life On The Spectrum

Chrissy Kelly Special Needs

Change takes time to feel like a new normal. I always feel like I just got here though. No matter what “here” I'm talking about.

The Organ That Matters Most

Kristina Dooley Special Needs

While I might secretly wish that Isabella understood how different her life would be without T1D, it’s days like this that I’m reminded that she is not defined by this disease.