FOOD #mamanomnom

Elke mama says

I am also thrilled to announce the launch of a sister site for Mamalode, Mamanomnom where we can Mamalode up the food world.

Vulnerable Strenght

Elke Tweens & Teens

Sometimes I am so strong. I run towards hard stuff. I bite of big chunks. I have gotten through things that seemed impossible.


Elke mama says

Camp is summer, and summer is August. It seems so right to have our entire month of August dedicated to OPTIMISM.


Elke mama says

Our theme is DIVE IN and we are thrilled to partner with the best diver-in-ers out there, Amy Poehler's Smart Girls.


Elke mama says

Our theme for the month is SIMPLIFY, which is funny since my usual state of being is more like MAKE COMPLICATED.

But that is why I love this theme so much. I need it.

Our partners for the month are The Minimalists.