Why I Stay

Larissa Peluso-Fleming Relationships

I have learned so much…about addiction, about love, about my husband, about myself, about forgiveness and acceptance and everything in between.

Safe Submerged

Larissa Peluso-Fleming essays

I asked my husband to handle the teeth brushing, the book reading, the cuddling. He needs interaction; I need to be alone.

Seeing Her Again

Larissa Peluso-Fleming Loss

Despite the empty pit in my heart that took up residence when my baby sister died, I feel as though I am “seeing” her every morning when the sun comes up when that little voice calls my name from her crib.

I Chose Life

Larissa Peluso-Fleming essays

I drove home from work determined to go about life as usual. From the depths of my soul, I yearned for status quo. I took the exact same route, parked my car in the very same spot, and walked directly to the mailbox, as usual. There were two pieces of mail that day: a free sample of Carefree maxi pads and a gossip magazine featuring pregnant starlets. I sank to the ground, perched on the curb, and melted into hysterics. The universe was conspiring against me, mocking me from afar.