I See You Friend

Rachel Swanson Relationships

Your efforts to serve and love and keep serving are not going unnoticed. I see you. I see you. I see you.

Green Linoleum is Food for the Soul

Kelly Bandas Relationships

In a few short months we went from living in a cute, three-bedroom cottage, in a super trendy, walkable, hip, make-your-friends-jealous kind of neighborhood to a 1970’s themed two-bedroom, with green linoleum and one bathroom.

Love Wins

Hannah-Laura Rudolph Relationships

I was particularly moved by Hendley’s performance in Boy Meets Girl, which is trending on Netflix. It’s a heartwarming story about a transgender woman, played by Hendley, living in a small town.

How You Measure Half a Life

Jennifer Groeber Relationships

There is time for us all then. Time to be amazing young women, time to discover, time to take chances, to write, to make art, fall in love, fall out of love, time to mother, care for someone else, find a new career, make a difference, make a mark. It is not over. It is never over.

That Mom You See, She Needs A Village

Kristina Hammer Relationships

This mom doesn't have the tight-knit family circle nor the giggling, gossiping, gabby groups of friends to call upon for support when this parenting gig gets too difficult to manage on her own. 

On Pinkeye, Lice, and Love

Elizabeth Thompson Relationships

This is family. This is real. I have married a man who can take pinkeye and lice on vacation, and turn it into a party . . . now that’s a good man. That’s a good life.

You Are Not Alone: Divorce

Morgan Armstad Relationships

It’s easy to have a pessimistic view about marriage in the United States today – finding statistics that say about 50 percent of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce isn’t hard. 

The Summer of No

Katie Moore Relationships

So this summer I am saying no. Unless something directly benefits the relationship that I have with my children or my marriage or my close friendships than it is quite simply, not worth it. I am choosing them. I am choosing me.