Oh, Montana, Our Montana

Elke Relationships

We are also proud of the childhood our kids are having. Here, they are growing up with joy, mountains, lakes, fields, rivers and profound friendships.

Beyond Betrayal – I Choose Him

Anonymous Mom Relationships

The days following his confession of infidelity, I watched from afar as my he drowned his regret in a bottle of bourbon, while I was left faking normalcy for our children.

I Write My Own Obituary

Erin Britt Relationships

She wrote and rewrote this obituary a few times a year as a tool to examine her life, to feel grateful, and to remember what mattered.

What If

Katie Moore Relationships

Don't let your life be swallowed by excuses and regret. They may give you something to complain about but they don't make the beautiful life that you deserve.

Life Imitates Art

Julia Arnold Relationships

Art connects us to each other when words fail. Pictures can be our common language, our way to connect with those we cannot understand.

Just Life. And I’m Living It.

Jennifer Savage Relationships

I feel stretched, worn thin and the thing that bothers me most is that I seem to get to this place a lot, head in hands wondering what is wrong with me.

Peach Legos, Pink Roses, Black Skin

Melissa Fuoss Relationships

Race is such a hard thing to talk about. We are afraid to say the wrong thing. We don’t want to seem racist, or ignorant. Sometimes this leaves us silent, saying nothing at all.