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I’ve always thought of myself as a playful person. Someone who likes to have fun. Who seeks out adventures. Who can play hard and keep up.

But why is it so hard at times to play with my own kids? At the end of the day, my tank is empty. I count the hours until the kids will be asleep and I get some me-time™.

Yet when I stop and follow my kid’s lead, our world opens up into a magical place where ships are made out of tinfoil and battles take place in the bathroom sink. Fairy houses multiply into neighborhoods scattered around our yard. Trees are climbed. Puddles are jumped in. Plays are choreographed to an audience of stuffed animals.

The enchantment of free spirited play can draw us in and open us up. All this before returning us to roles we play every day of mom, cook, wife, employee or chauffeur. But play is always there, urging us to erase boundaries and sink into the power of fun.

The stories in this months' theme are dedicated to all the roles it PLAYS in life. 

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Sarah Millar

Sarah Millar is the managing editor at Mamalode. She has the pleasure of not only wrangling writers but also her two daughters and husband. When not moving words around on a page or curating the best of the information freeway, you'll find her delving into her love of teaching.

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